Videos note that all information about the treatment with vitamin D is disclosed by Dr Coimbra`s patients. Not only the disclosure happens from word of mouth (or internet nowadays) but also from various media vehicles that end up inviting this renowned & busy doctor to talk about this important treatment. Everyone outside Brazil should also know about it. That’s the reason why I am translating everything that I can to make this information available to the world.

Lastest Video August 2016: Dr Wanderley Pires (who was trained by Dr Coimbra) Hears Testimonial From His Patient About Improvements On Progressive Systemic Sclerosis

Dr Holick (Vitamin D Authority in USA) talks about Dr Coimbra’s Protocol (March 2014)

Dr Holick


Presentation from Dr Cicero prepared for the House of representatives in Brasilia, Federal Capital of Brazil.

video dr cicero camara


Complete information about the Vitamin D protocol (March 2014)


This is the most complete video about Dr Cicero’s protocol and how it all started over 10 years ago. It is fully recommended to all patients and doctors around the world, willing to know more about the Vitamin D protocol for autoimmune disorders.


Documentary Vitamin D – For An Alternative Therapy (2012) CLICK ON SETTINGS – SUBTITLE – ENGLISH

The film “Vitamin D – For an alternative therapy”, produced between 2011 and 2012, tells the story of six patients with auto immune disorders (the majority with multiple sclerosis) that have had their lives transformed by the treatment with vitamin D. With direction of Daniel Cunha, journalist, with multiple sclerosis who benefited from the same treatment, the documentary arose from the need of sharing this important knowledge with others.

Video Vitamin D – Interview with Dr Cicero Galli Coimbra and Daniel Cunha (2012)

You will find in the Brazilian Media a huge amount of interviews in Portuguese with Dr Cicero Galli Coimbra and this is one of the main ones with Daniel Cunha, journalist that produced the film above about his recovery, as well as about the recovery of other patients.