Hi  I live in Australia. I was diagnosed with MS in 2012.

Although the diagnosis happened only in 2012, I found out that I have this condition since 2000 and I do remember losing the sense of temperature on my toes and some tingling under toes at that time. Nothing was detected and we all said it was due to a high level of stress at work and everything went normal afterwards.

My second relapse happened ten years later, in 2010 when my leg went weak and I had a foot drop. Again, this was associated to a pinch on the nerve but after 2 years of physiotherapy with the leg not only still weak but jumping involuntarily. It was then time to see a neurologist here in Australia, where I live.

After the sad diagnosis, I think all that you do after being told about it is to look immediately at the internet for a cure and in every possible language, even though the doctors say that there is no cure and advise that we are not to look at the internet.
But we all do it and we all find lots of fads with experiments that worked for one person or another. We can give it a go to see if things improve. I don’t understand why some doctors would not want us to check internet if there is anything out there at that could possibly help us.

But apart from these MS threads I really found the cure! I found a video from a Brazilian journalist that used to have MS. As his symptoms and relapses had disappeared from his body, and even some lesions had also disappeared from his next MRI after doing a one year treatment with his neurologist, he had decided to produce a video with other testimonials from successful patients in order to promote this effective treatment to a great number of patients.

Here is the link to the youtube video. To see the subtitle in English, click at CC at the bottom of the video, then activate the language.

My husband, who is a chemist, saw a bit of this video and did not believe much in the treatment, even though the treatment has been administered since 2003 by a serious neurologist, who is professor from the Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil and additionally he is also an auto immune disorders researcher.

When I searched for this doctor to see his contact details at the online yellow pages his details came up with several 5 star ratings and testimonials from patients saying “thank you for giving my life back”, or “I now can walk again”, “my daughter is rid of the wheel chair, thank you”.

I was determined to see this doctor, specially because we already had plane tickets to go to Brazil to see my family that is based in the same city as this renowned professor! His appointments can go from 2 to 5 hours. My  appointment that was to start at 8pm was delayed. It started at 10 pm and ended at 1 am.
The doctor looked firstly at the MRI images and mentioned that my lesions were at least 10 years old. This matched to my first relapse, and I hadn’t even started talking about the relapses.

He explained that the Vitamin D is an actual hormone and not a vitamin, with ability to fully repair our neurological systems and that people with any auto immune disorders do not retain much of this important hormone in their bodies. We are all Vitamin D deficient. We can expose ourselves to daily sun to for 10 minutes to produce 10,000 IU of vitamin d, but for patients like us, we need much higher doses as most of it will go down the drain and we need to retain a good amount of it to reconstruct our neurological system.

The professor explained how the vitamin D works in our bodies and even showed us all the existing evidences from SCIRUS scientific website that confirms the strength and efficacy of the treatment.
I wanted to cry when he said that my situation could be easily fixed and he did the whole assessment explaining also how I could do the treatment from overseas. From overseas, you do need a General Practioner or another specialist on your side for frequent monitoring of vitamin D levels as well as Calcium levels (at 2 months of treatment, 4 months, 6 months and 12 months). We are going to able to send our tests results via email to this Brazilian neurologist for his final analysis and adjustments on the treatment.

I am to return to Brazil in a year’s time to see this doctor and I was told by him that it is expected that my new MRI shows less lesions than my previous MRI. He said that given the number of lesions that I carry plus their age, it will take me around 5 years to clear my body completely from all lesions and to erase permanently any history of auto immune disorders in my body.

This professor had also shown us MRI images from his previous patients and we could see that some lesions did disappear within a year. My husband and I had no doubts that the treatment with higher doses of vitamin D3 really works.

Apart from the higher dose of vitamin D, there are other vitamins to be taken in conjunction to boost the results. Also is recommended sun exposure of arms and legs during the “safe sun” anytime before 10am. In my case, I was recommended to take Omega 3 (high doses) and B2 Riboflavin (high doses).

Sun exposure is enough for normal individuals only but for people with auto immune disorders it is good but not enough as it will produce only maximum of 10,000 IU which is not enough for patientes like us that do not retain much in our body and for this reason we need heaps more.

When the appointment finished, my husband was convinced about the treatment effectiveness, he understood that the Vitamin D is an actual hormone and not a vitamin, with a powerful capacity of recovering the neurological system. He even wanted to cancel our health insurance with hospital cover, which I asked him not to do just yet.

As vitamin D absorbs 100% of the Calcium intake, those who take very high doses of vitamin D like me are to refrain from ingesting any dairy product (sad part) as Calcium retained in excess can cause irreversible kidney problems. So in other words, if you do not follow the indicated diet you can expect to do hemodialisis.

2 Months On (end of October 2012)

In this space I want to give you an update of my progress with higher doses of Vitamin D3 to treat MS.
In Australia I have a great GP monitoring my Calcium levels every 2 months.The results were all normal (phew!). I sent an email to Dr Cicero and he instructed me to continue with the high dose of vitamin D as well as the supporting vitamins that need to be taken in conjunction to boost the effects. Basically my levels of Vitamin D3 went from 85 nmol/L to 420nmol/L (or from 34ng/mL to 168 ng/mL).  So it seems I reached the ceiling but knowing that if I stop taking the doses my level will go down very quickly, I am keeping it up.

Important: Do never start taking higher doses of Vitamin D on your own. You need a physician, general practioner to monitor your calcium levels every 2 months. If not taken with due precautions and a restric dairy diet, doses higher than 10,000 units (IU) may cause irreversible damage to kidneys, among other complications.

My amount of Vitamin D was determined by this Brazilian neurologist who calculated the number of thousands of units that I was to take. He firmly declared that if I was to follow this treatment, I would have to stop immediately having any sort of dairy intake. No soy or rice milk enriched with Calcium either. It sounded like a terrible thing, but I prefer this diet rather than any aggressive treatment that is currently available which does not even cure anyone. I am to drink at least 2.5 L of water or any healthy drinks.

And I found that Oat Milk as well as Almond Milk are good milk substitutes that allow me to have some muesli in the morning and to bake cakes. I replaced butter with shortening for preparation of icing mixtures. And vegetable margarines are ok to take, although I don’t. Cakes containing mik are not fully prohibited, but as I am very diligent I prefer not to eat them.
It is really not too bad.

How do I feel?

I have a lot of energy now. Before starting the treatment I would be really exhausted after an hour walking in the shopping or in the end of the day. Right now I keep going and I am loving this sudden energy gain. And I used to have a lot of pain in the calf when stretching my legs at bed time. The calf aches are history, no more painful legs!

I still have a light tingling sensation under my right foot and right leg. The right leg is still weaker with the foot drop that eventually shows up after half an hour of walking. It is a bit early for big transformations but I am looking forward to letting you know what will happen in 4 months.

I hope other doctors around the world start following this treatment. They can contact this doctor as he already has other followers in Brazil and Portugal. It is cheap, effective and it cures, giving our lives back. This Brazilian doctor is keen to pass any necessary information to other physicians around the world. He is a speaker in many international conferences and I want to thank him so much for his great sense of altruism and for working tirelessly just to give back our lives. This website is not to promote his medical services, but to promote awareness that there is cure for MS and other auto immune disorders. This particular neurologist is booked out until August 2013 anyway.

I feel sorry that there is not a big player in the pharmaceutical market that produces vitamin D3 and has the power to sponsor expensive key speakers to be talking in international conferences around the world, just like the manufacturers of aggressive treatments for MS do. For instance in Brazil, where the whole concept is taken seriously, vitamin D3 is produced only by compound chemists. There is not a single manufacturer in Brazil.  In other countries like Australia and US, they are manufactured by local companies. Unfortunately traditional neurologists only follow articles written by paid doctors who organise research and articles around the products that they are paid to write or to speak about. Of course these aggressive treatments do have their role which is minimizing the occurrence of new lesions and of course these paid doctors who are also serious professionals concluded that the studied treatments meet their promise of reducing the probability of new lesions. They don’t cure though. And they are extremely agressive which is not good for patients. If only our neurologists visited scientific websites to verify that there are a lot more of evidences and researches around the world about vitamin D and its efficacy.

You can also check all real evidences at scirus.com , and do your own search for evidence on vitamin D and reduction of existing lesions in MS and other auto immune diseases.

This mafia of paying high amounts of money to key speakers in conferences that our neurologists usually attend can only be done by multi billion dollar manufacturers (you know who) that are in the MS and auto immunity market. It is very sad that money comes first and the companies are interested in treating but not curing.

I also want to post in this blog some translated testimonials of ex patients that have treated with vitamin D and hopefully we can get more doctors around the world to join this cheap and simple solution that effectively solves all auto immune disorders.

I am glad that in Australia the MS Research will be organising a serious trial with 28,000 units of vitamin D with some patients to confirm its effectiveness. And they will confirm how great this hormone is to us patients.

I will post my next update in 2 months time (or earlier if anything radically changes). I am hopefull that after 6 months of treatment it is possible to detect considerable improvements and that the neurologists of the Australian public hospital start believing in the treatment (they want me back for a MRI at 6 months in order to get me started with Tysabri, fingers crossed that it shows them the opposite…).

4 Months On (end of December 2012)

Happy New Year!  I am so happy to be back with news!

It has been a nice period of 2 months where I could virtually meet other patients from Yahoo groups, Facebook that have considerably improved their lives with Vitamin D3. Some stories of tetraplegic people now moving arms and hands again, in comparison to their “head-only movements” were pretty emotional.

I have done my usual tests and everything was normal, the level of Vitamin D3 is now at 410 nmol/L which corresponds to 164 ng/mL. A bit lower than 2 months ago, but certainly keeping the desired high rate. Calcium level at urine also normal, I am doing my part with the right diet. I should mention that we are not to take any nephrotoxic medication during the treatment. Anti inflammatories like Voltaren and Ibuprofen are one of them. Also that bananas should be avoided at all costs. That was sad because I really love bananas. When hungry, they are the best option but they are out of my diet as they can work in the absorption of Calcium which is not something that I want.

How do I feel?

My recovered energy from 2 months ago is still with me and the leg pain from the past is really gone.

And right now at 4 months I have more balance! I can even do some dance steps that I couldn’t do before – specially samba. On the continence department, I was frequently going to toilet every 30 minutes, right now, I can wait for one hour or longer. No more toilet urgency!

In 2012 I started having those buzz sensations under the skin. It is like a vibration and it feels like a creature is moving inside different areas of the body. They say it is due to wrong signals that the brain sends to other parts of the body. This sensation is fading away! It no longer occurs every day, but every 2-3days, don’t know, I am not paying much attention to it. But they used to be stronger and right now they are really weak. I am really happy about this change.

I was buying D3 Drops from the chemist but given its cost, my GP prescribed manipulation at the compound chemist. I now take one single daily capsule with all the thousand units that I need. The chemist called me on the phone to check if I was ok, as everyone fears that higher levels of vit D3 doses may cause toxic problems. But I relieved the chemist informing her that I am doing pretty well.

I am surrounded by special people with their special stories at the moment. One girl is now swimming again, another one uses high heels (I am looking forward to this one). A pharmacist in a wheel chair that can now move his arms and was told by his doctor that he should expect to get rid of the wheel chair in the near future.

There was the story of a lady who did the treatment with vitamin D3 and combined it with traditional treatment offered by a public hospital. The neurologists analyzed her MRI scan and 20 lesions had disappeared in comparison to her previous images! They preferred to say it was a miracle rather than giving the credit to science, rather than doing their home work to see what scientific evidences are saying and rather than confirming that Vitamin D is the latest solution for auto immune disorders. Miracles? Really? We laughed out loud.

There is an initiative from patients taking very high doses of vitamin D3 and the initiative which consists on sending a letter to research institutes with a list of patients and their daily intake of vitamin D. That is because international research institutes are only doing research on vitamin D tolerance and toxicity and this is really old news. It is not toxic, but a serious diet is necessary to achieve its great results. It is a waste of research money, they should be researching the effectiveness of the treatment, but their research does not use very high doses, it is limited to 20 000 to 28 000 units (not even sure if it is per day or per week…).. Anyhow, some improvements are expected with this doses. It won’t do any bad anyway, just hope involved patients are on some sort of diet.

Well, I should be back in 2 months time, see you in the end of February 2013! Enjoy the start of the year!

7 Months On (April 2013)

I cannot believe it’s been such a long time, I have waited to get back with news after doing a new MRI and talking to the neurologist from the public hospital. The MRI happened in March and the appointment was only in April, hence my delay here with an update.

I have great news! 7 months on the Vitamin D treatment, 40,000 units per day (I follow a strict dairy diet with 2,5 liters of water to eliminate all Calcium from the body) and the MRI comparison (that was made with my first MRI from diagnosis) showed that no new lesions appeared in 7 months. My neurologist was happy with the outcome and did not emphasize any need to take an aggressive medication to stop new lesions, since the vitamin D seemed to be working.

She was satisfied to see that my balance and coordination have dramatically improved! She compared tests with those done on balance and coordination 7 months ago and she said I was doing pretty well.

The MS Foundation has a physio team and they also saw improvements, to the point that they invited me to be part of a running group. I am amazed!

How do I feel?

I can now do awkward standing positions with my eyes closed, I can dance samba (not an easy thing) and do steps at zumba that I was not able to do before.

The buzz sensation now comes once a month, almost completely gone. This buzz is a feeling that something moves inside of us, which is actually a wrong signal sent by the body.

Let me tell you about continence. I used to tolerate only for 30 minutes, after 4 months it went to one hour and a half, and this Easter (March/April) I could travel comfortably in a train for 3 hours and only went to toilet after that! I now can hold as long as necessary, just like a normal person!

I have just heard a testimonial that a girl left her appointment with Dr Cicero in Brazil and it was the best appointment of her life, simply because she has not any lesions left in the MRI. All gone. I am going to translate that when I have sometime, I am flat out with work, but so happy that I am definitely on the right path. And in one year’s time, another MRI will be done and we will see what happens.

I still have that weak right leg with a foot drop, but I am full of hope and just hope that the doctors in Australia see my case and trust that this is going to improve their patient’s conditions.

Do never forget that this kind of thing comes with a diet that is a sacrifice. No Dairy, no vegetable milk with added Calcium. No milk additives, no bananas (they help absorbing Calcium). Just as much as fruit and veggie as possible, and 2.5 liters of water at least. It is possible to moderately ingest cake that contains milk. And bread. And we should never forget to get our physician to check our Calcium levels at the urine and body.

Hope to be back soon with more news in 1 or 2 month’s time!

12 Months On (September 2013) – Time to celebrate!

Good news everyone!

In August I went back to the public hospital in Australia to do a MRI and talked to the neurologist, who was happy to announce that in 12 months I had 0% of new lesions! They compared the images to the MRI from 7 months and said that my current treatment does what the traditional Tysabri treatment does, which is to avoid new lesions. But what she did not say was that Tysabri does not reduce symptoms or that it gives your life back like the Vitamin D is doing to me!

Here is what happened: the neurologist assessed my movements, strength, balance, coordination and guess what, I have got great improvements in comparison to 12 months ago!

I still have some weakness on the right leg, but let’s see what happens in few years’time. I am very positive about the results of my non-aggressive vitamin treatment. My continence is 100% normal, balance, coordination have impressively improved, and Tysabri does not do this kind of thing, apart from stopping new lesions. Anyway, it has been a great journey so far, using 100% of vitamin D3 treatment (plus B12, B2, Omega DHA).

Then in September I went back to Brazil, on holidays and today, 23rd September, I have seen Dr Cicero, now recognized as the best neurologist in Brazil. A week ago, here in Brazil, another huge TV documentary was aired (showed at Globo Reporter News), which was showing his treatment and among others, there was one of the patients that started walking again, after a month confined on a wheel chair. His clinic got busier, as if it was not busy enough before. It was impossible to call the clinic before, I don’t even want to try to call them again, I have already booked personally my next appointment in 2014 while I was there. He is really keen to provide training to new doctors for free, it is a matter of spending 3 days with him, he speaks English too, and has been training doctors from Brazil and Latin America so far.

It would be great if we could have some doctors from Australia, Europe, America, Africa and Asia also reaching for his help which is in my opinion, a real charity thing that he does. He is not interested in being the only doctor to solve the patient’s problem, he wants to spread his knowledge and help combating MS. That is his goal.

Any doctor out there interested in learning more about this great treatment for free?

Anyway, back to my appointment,  the conclusion was that most of my symptoms improved around 90%, such as tiredness and other sensations that nearly disappeared (that buzzing one that had me thinking I had something moving under my skin, is rare now!), continence and balance doing great, no more tired. It is great to compare and look back to what was happening back then.

He even took the time to compare the latest MRI images to the previous one that was done 12 months ago, and we did see that one small lesion at the cervical region disappeared! This detail was not detected by the public hospital in Australia. There are some more tiny lesions that are likely to disappear with time. Fingers crossed!

Unfortunately, as my condition is really from a long time ago, perhaps 15 years or longer, not all lesions will disappear. I had believed 100% of lesions would be erased from my body, but this is only true to recent lesions, in my case, the ones at the cervical area, that caused my leg weakness 3 years ago, are the most recent ones and could still disappear (as one of them already did) and hopefully, hopefully, the weakness of my leg disappears one day! But the ones in my head, which are really old, are perhaps going to stay until another kind of cure is found.

The blog will keep going so we can see what happens in the next year, of course. A new MRI will be done only in August 2014, but I want to see what other improvements could happen throughout the next few months. I am celebrating the disappearance of one tiny lesion, and I am very positive about the ones that could possibly go away.

If people in wheel chair could walk again, I do hope my leg situation can be improved as other symptoms have already improved.

Until next year and the years to come, I will have to keep my Calcium-free diet and the same amount of Vitamin D3, which is 40 thousand units per day. I am healthy and I am happy with these improvements.

I plan to send information to the research institutes in Australia, hope I have time to produce a good piece of information to the researchers and that they travel to Brazil to get some training with this Dr that charges nothing but their time to learn all about this effective treatment.

I am really glad that more and more Brazilian doctors are joining him and getting trained. I heard that in August he organized a Workshop with the authority in Vit D, the American Dr. Michael Holick. This means more patients are going to be covered in this vast country as new doctors are spreading the knowledge.

Now that I saw Dr Cicero, it is time to pack the luggage and return to Australia. It is the end of my stay here, it was great to see my family and friends and the cherry on top of the ice cream was definitely my 3 hours appointment with Dr Cicero, and the news he gave me. Next year I will be back, he now informed that the next appointment in 2014 will be my third and last appointment, but that I would need to return in 2 years time, in 2016, to confirm that my condition has kept improving more and more.

Dr Cicero is not taking new patients in 2013, but he has hired 4 other doctors in his clinic, one of them, Dr Sergio, speaks English, in case you feel like going to Brazil to get treated asap (see page with doctors that administer Vit D3).

Hope you come back to read about my feedback on this ongoing treatment, I will be back in December, hopefully with more news!

14 Months on – December 2013 

I am finishing the year with high hopes that everyone reading this blog is already feeling better with at least 10,000 IU of Vitamin D or if you have the opportunity to be under the safe sun (early mornings or end of the day) with legs and arms exposed, you will be surely getting these 10,000 IU the same way and improving a lot your life and health.

I am happy to have heard from a few patients interested in the treatment. They firstly started with 10,000 IU and after feeling better, they asked me for more details on my treatment. They found a local doctor (who can be a General Practitioner), in order to monitor their tests results every 2 months and to be on the safe side. After finding their doctors I explained the details on the treatment including diet to be followed as well as tests and requirements. They are all doing well, in fact, doing much better. One of them, told me he was preparing his paperwork to leave everything ready for his family, planning his own death. This is not going to happen, he is really well and he will be with us during all his life. He is not leaving any earlier. I promised him and he knows it is true.

When I was diagnosed I heard reassuring words from other online patients, and this kept me going and now after this year’s treatment I am really fortunate to say that it really works and I am here to reassure you that you will be fine! Some local neurologists made me feel nervous and doubt about this treatment. They only just knew the aggressive stuff that works in terms of stopping the appearance of new lesions. But after 7 months with Vit D and then after 12 months with this wonderful and non-aggressive treatment, I am comfortable to say that it not only stopped new lesions from happening but also erased one of them. It is a blessing and I want to keep sharing this with you. I have many more lesions to fight against.

I am glad that in 2013 I could help people from Philippines, Canada, USA, Norway, Portugal, Australia. Many patients chose to fly to Brazil, some others went to Portugal to follow this treatment. And many others found their local doctor and did it from where they are.

Give it a try with 10,000 units, be it via capsules or just under the sun. Remember that 10,000 units do not require any diet or restriction, this is the amount produced by the sun.

I think my next step now, during holidays will be to communicate my improvements to Australian researchers, hopefully it makes sense to them as they are already looking at the vitamin D as an option. It is a matter of finding time to gather all information but I think it is worthy to help and inform as many people as possible.

Let’s see what happens in 2014, hope you have a great Christmas and a wonderful 2014. Never stop believing!

January 2014 

Happy New Year!

Hope this is a year that brings great news on MS cure and that your health improves dramatically!

Children from Patients with MS

I would like to start talking about children – sons and daughters of patients with MS.

I have read it is possible for children to have MS, which is a big concern. So here we are, sun proofing our kids, with hats and sunscreen right at the time they are about to leave to school and to play outside. Let’s think for a moment, with all these precautions, are we contributing to a MS condition in our own kids?

It is true the sun has horrible effects, at the wrong time of the day, like between 10am and 4pm. But before 10am and after 4pm, it is all good, that’s the sun we want our kids to be exposed to.

We don’t use sunscreen on our walk to school.  With the Sun Smart program in Australia, the kids leave a sunscreen product at school, to use it at the break, which is a smart thing to do, as the sun in Australia is impossible after 10am (I’d say even after 9am). But we walk to school before 9am to make sure we are getting enough sun in the morning.

On the way back home, at 3pm, we use sunscreen to walk back.

Some friends like to organize play dates at 2pm when it is not too hot (what?) Sure I support sun exposure, but I don’t think really 2pm is an adequate time for sun exposure. Specially in Australia, one of the worst countries for sun exposure. Not sure from where these 2 colleagues of mine are getting the information about safe sun but I make sure my kid is well protected if we have to attend.

When I went to Brazil for my second appointment I made sure to take my daughter with me. Dr Cicero said the following.  It is good preventing your children if you have MS.

For children Dr Cicero recommends 1,000 IU for every 5kG. My daughter now takes 3,000IU daily (no need of diet).

I thought this was a good thing to share with you guys, you may be parents and this is an important precaution to take.

Even my husband was told to take 10,000 IU daily with no diet and he follows the recommendation with no hesitation.

Soon I will be back with more news!

March 2014

Helllo guys, just a quick update on what has been happening. I remember talking to another patient who said that had a relapse during the treatment with vitamin D (I did not think this would be possible). This patient was taking 50,000 units of vit D daily and as soon as this relapse happened, Dr Cicero told her to do change to 100,00 units for 5 days, which would work as a Pulse corticosteroid therapy (normally is what patients do when having a relapse, they rush to hospital to have this pulsetheraphy).

So she took 100,000 for 5 days and got better. She is now on 70,000 units daily. It was good to know this, because for some reason I started to feel weaker and with more tinglings than normal. The day I woke up feeling weak and funny, I immediately remember this episode and took 100,000, but I did for only 3 days, as on the third day, I was feeling pretty normal again.

As my MRI will only be in August, it will be a mystery for all of us, whether I had a new lesion or further lesions disappeared. I am anxious to find out.

Some positive notes, I helped booking an appointment for a person from Romenia, who is this week in Brazil to see Dr Cicero. I had to help, because in the end of the day, it is a Brazilian clinic with Brazilian people who do not speak English (Dr Ciceros does), so at least booking the appointment and giving information on hotels and what to do while there is the least I could do to make sure everything runs smoothly in a non-English speaking country.

I  have just updated the list of doctors that are now working with high doses of Vit D and you will see 2 doctors from America! These are really great news! Last year I helped some families from USA and Canada to book their appointments in Brazil, this is going to be easier now for those living in North America. So we slowly we are getting there!


*It is better to take them in the morning, if they are drops, all drops in a spoon, not mixed to water.

*I import my capsules from:  iherb.com because they sell capsules with 10,000 IU each. The brand of this vit D I take is Healthy Origins. My husband takes only one with 10,000 so he is covered (his family has cancer history)

* If it is warm where you live, try to walk outside with skirt/shorts/and expose your arms, as it is a good way to get the 10,000 units directly from the safe sun in the morning or end of the day.


I am not sure if it is because I am a mother and now I notice all the kids around, but there seems to be a huge amount of kids with autism.

I just read the research that says that this is given to pregnancy with low levels of Vitamin D plus a link with epilepsy in the family. In a world where everyone is hiding from the sun to avoid skin cancer, it seems that we have overreacted and gone too far to protect from the sun.

June 2014


I know I tend to disappear from the blog. I get messages asking how I am going. I am still alive :)

Sorry about the delay on my updates, I have been working a lot, being a mum, cleaning and cooking. So the blog stayed a big behind. Also because I am living a normal life. Just like the other patients in their testimonials, they say they do not even remember they have MS. Yes, after a year doing this treatment, I already felt like that.

Now I am approaching the completion of my second year of treatment! It is really exciting and I am really counting down to September, when I will see Dr Cicero again and will have done another MRI to compare the images! He will be asking how much per cent I had improved this and that symptom. Last time, almost 90% of tingling and “jumping leg” had gone. He asked about lots of symptoms that I honestly no longer remember I had.

Basically he compares symptoms and the MRI with the situation at the time of the first appointment. And looking back, so much progress has been done.

Many people ask if I have down time or any side effects or problems. There is no side effect but I will list the negative things that happen every now and then that are not caused by vitamin D, but just as a result of MS itself.


Many patients with MS will have difficulty to empty the bladder completely. As much as I pay attention, I have retained some urine in the bladder, which caused urinary tract infection. It was so bad, that it was only cured on the 3rd attempt with a stronger antibiotic. So 3 rounds of antibiotics, which is not a nice thing. That was in December 2013. Guess what, in May 2014, the UTI comes back gradually, and expanded to the kidneys. I had kidney infection and took another 2 rounds of antibiotics.

Finally after having cleared everything, I feel forced to follow all sorts of advice to prevent from recurring UTI, which is:

Drink 250ml of cranberry juice daily (I even drink 500ml)Empty the bladder whenever possible (I could wait for up to 4 hours, but it does not look like a good idea…)
Keep taking acidophiles to regain the good bacteria that was lost with the antibiotics intake                                                               Empty bladder after sex

So pay attention to emptying well the bladder guys!

Tietze Syndrome / Costochondritis

Tietze syndrome or costochondritis is a benign inflammation of one or more of the costal cartilages.                                                         I had that, in fact I have that ever now and then. The origin of this disease is unkown.

Sometimes, the cartilage between the ribs feel painful, the cause is unknown, but the solution is an anti-inflammatory, which are medication considered nephrotoxic (with higher dose of vitamin D, this component sends calcium to the kidney, not a good thing).

So every time I take an anti-inflammatory, I need to drink 3 liters of water, juice, to eliminate this medicine from the body.

I have been receiving a lot of interesting questions, let’s do a FAQ:

Does vitamin D have any side effect?  No, but of course if you take higher doses (higher than 10,000 IU) without a dairy free diet, you will certainly ruin your kidneys.

Do you have any down side?  Not really, not directly from MS, but I had UTI and inflammation on the ribs cartilage (costochondritis), which has to do with a bad autoimmune system.

What is the best time to take vitamin D? In the morning. With a tea spoon of olive oil to help absorption. (I don’t take oil every day, only when I remember)

Should I take my 10,000 units with food? I usually take with breakfast, some people take before breakfast.

Can I use my traditional medication and vitamin D or do I need to stop the medication to start taking my 10,000 units (or more)?  There is no need to stop using your traditional drug, you can use both, since vitamin D is  a natural hormone. Most of Dr Cicero’s patient start with both, then when they see improvements on their symptoms and knowing that the drug does not actually provide symptoms improvements, they realize it is the effect of vitamin D and decide to stop with the drug.

Why do I put on weight when taking vitamin D? Vitamin D helps adjust the metabolism and helps losing weight. The intake of B12 as a supplement can increase your hunger and that is where the weight is coming from. Otherwise is the side effect of your traditional drug.

Why do I feel worse when taking vitamin D, does it mean it has just started working? No, again, this was a question from a patient taking an aggressive drug in combination with vitamin D, there is no side effect from vitamin D, as it is a natural hormone. The effect was from the traditional medication.

This treatment looks really simple. Can I do it from where I live?                                                                                                 Yes and no. It is really necessary to calculate the right amount of vitamin D for your condition. Yes, you can take it in your country and monitor everything with specific tests with your local GP (general doctor) but you will need a first appointment with specific doctors following this kind of protocol to be able to see your improvements.

If Dr Cicero’s secretaries do not speak English, do you help me booking an appointment and give tips about the closest accommodation options?

I have been helping other international patients to book their appointments with Dr Cicero. Unfortunately I have just heard (July 2014) that he will no longer take new patients. He was not taking any new Brazilian patients since he can count on his medical team (a big team that does not speak English), but right now he won’t take any new international patients either :(  It would be possible to book an appointment with his doctors and use an interpreter, which I don’t think it is very practical or affordable. So this is a bit upsetting…

 August 2014

Great news everyone!

As you know, after a relapse in 2010 my right leg got weaker. I had enrolled in 2 different physiotherapy programs since then, but with little or no improvements.

In 2014 I started seeing a new physiotherapist. She game me a range of daily exercises that I have been doing this year (not quite daily…) and the great news is that in the past 12 days my leg has been completely normal!

I have to thank my physiotherapist, but I also know that vitamin D strengths the muscles, so this combination was vital to a great recovery. I know that I will not be able to stop the exercises, I fear things can go backwards as my physio advised, but I thought I’d share these news with you all.

It is funny that I always feel normal and don’t usually remember I have MS. But this weaker leg was the only annoying thing that I got used to. Now I truly 100% normal!

Next week I will do the MRI scan and hopefully I will be able to compare with the original image from diagnosis to check if there were improvements in this area. I will take this image to Dr Cicero in September, and there is a lot of expectation from this appointment, hopefully I come back with great news.





























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  1. Monica said:

    I am also on the same treatment as you and have it so much better now after about 6 months of treatment :)
    I think it’s so good that you write blog about this, so that more people know about this wonderful treatment :)

    (Treating with Dr Cristina Sales in Portugal)

  2. Ana said:

    I am happy for your results, I am waiting to see how u will feel after 2, 3 months :) on 15 january I will have 4 months of high dose d3. I am feeling a little better, too.

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