The Blogger’s Treatment

Hi I am Brazilian and live in Australia. I was diagnosed with MS in June 2012.

Although the diagnosis happened only during this year, I found out that I have this condition since around 2000 and I do remember losing the sense of temperature on the toes and some tingling under toes at that time. Nothing was detected and they all said it was due to a high level of stress at work and everything went normal afterwards.

My second relapse happened ten years later, in 2010 when my leg went weak and I had a foot drop. Again, they said this was associated to a pinch on the nerve but after 2 years of physiotherapy with the leg not only still weak but jumping involuntarily. It was then time to see a neurologist here in Australia, where I live.

After the sad diagnosis, I think all that you do after being told is to look immediately at the internet for a cure and written in every possible language, even though the doctors say that there is no cure and advise that we are not to look at the internet.
But we all do that and we all find lots of fads with experiments that worked for one person or another. We can give it a go to see if things improve, I don’t understand why some doctors would not want us to check if there is anything out there at the internet that could possibly help us.

But apart from these MS threads I really found the cure! I found a video from a Brazilian journalist that used to have MS. As his symptoms and relapses had disappeared from his body, and even some lesions had also disappeared from his MRI after starting a treatment with his neurologist, he had decided to produce a video in Portuguese (my language as I am also Brazilian) with other testimonials from successful patients in order to promote this effective treatment to a great number of patients.

Here is the link to the youtube video. The subtitle is in English.

My husband, who is a chemist, saw a bit of this video and did not believe much in the treatment, even though the treatment has been administered since 2003 by a serious neurologist, professor from the Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil and additionally he is also a researcher.

When I searched for this doctor to see his contact details at the online yellow the pages came up with his phone/address and several 5 star ratings with testimonials from patients saying “thank you for giving my life back”, or “I now can walk again”, “my daughter is rid of the wheel chair, thank you”.

August 2012

I was determined to see this doctor, specially because we already had plane tickets to go to Brazil to see my family that is based in the same city as this renowned professor! His appointments can go from 2 to 4 hours. The appointment that was to start at 8pm was delayed. It started at 10pm and ended at 1am.
The doctor looked firstly at the MRI images and mentioned that my lesions were at least 10 years old. This matched to my first relapse, and I hadn’t even started talking about the relapses.

He explained that the Vitamin D is an actual hormone and not a vitamin, with ability to fully repair our neurological systems and that people with auto immune disorders do not retain this important hormone in their bodies. We are all Vitamin D deficient. We can expose ourselves to daily sun to for 10 minutes to produce 10,000 IU of vitamin d, but for patients like us, we need higher doses as most of it will go down the drain and we need to retain a good amount of it to reconstruct our neurological system.
The professor explained how the vitamin D works in our bodies and even showed us all the existing evidences from scientific websites that confirms the strength of the treatment.
I wanted to cry when he said that my situation could be easily fixed and he did the whole assessment explaining also how I could do the treatment from overseas. From overseas, you do need a General Practioner or another specialist on your side for frequent monitoring of vitamin D levels as well as Calcium levels (at 2 months of treatment, 4 months, 6 months and 12 months). We are going to able to send our tests results via email to this Brazilian neurologist for his final analysis and adjustments on the treatment.
I am to return to Brazil in a year’s time and I was told by him that it is expected that my new MRI shows less lesions than my previous MRI. He said that given the number of lesions that I carry plus their age, it will take me around 5 years to clear my body completely from all lesions and to erase permanently any history of auto immune disorders in my body.

This professor had also shown us MRI images from his previous patients and we could see that some lesions did disappear within a year. My husband and I had no doubts that the treatment really works.
When it finished, my husband was suddenly convinced about the treatment effectiveness, he understood that the Vitamin D is an actual hormone and not a vitamin, with a powerful capacity of recovering the neurological system. He even wanted to cancel our health insurance with hospital cover, which I asked him not to just yet.
As vitamin D absorbs a lot of the Calcium intake, those who take very high doses of vitamin D like me are to refrain from ingesting any dairy product (sad part) as Calcium retained in excess can cause irreversible kidney problems.

2 Months On – October 2012
In this space I want to give you an update of my progress with Vitamin D to treat MS.

In Australia I have a great GP monitoring my Calcium levels every 2 months. Please do never start taking higher doses of Vitamin D on your own. If not taken with due precautions, doses higher than 10,000 units (IU) may cause irreversible damage to the kidneys, among other complications.

My dosage of Vitamin D was determined by this Brazilian neurologist who calculated somehow the number of units that I was to take. He firmly declared that if I was to follow this treatment, I would have to stop immediately having any sort of dairy intake. No soy or rice milk enriched with Calcium either. It sounded like a terrible thing, but I prefer this diet rather than any aggressive treatment that is currently available which does not even cure anyone.
And I found that Oat Milk as well as Almond Milk are good milk substitutes that allow me to have some muesli in the morning and to bake cakes. I replaced butter with shortening for preparation of icing mixtures.
It is really not too bad.

How do I feel?
I have a lot of energy now. Before starting the treatment I would be really exhausted after an hour walking in the shopping or in the end of the day. Right now I keep going and I am loving this sudden energy gain. And I used to have a lot of pain in the calf when stretching my legs at bed time. The calf aches are history, no more painful legs.

I still have a light tingling sensation under my right foot and right leg. The right leg is still weaker with the foot drop that eventually shows up after half an hour walking. It is a bit early for big transformations but I am looking forward to letting you know what will happen in 4 months.

I hope other doctors around the world start following this treatment. They can contact this doctor as he already has other followers in Brazil and Portugal. It is cheap, effective and it cures. This Brazilian doctor is keen to pass any necessary information to other physicians around the world. He is a speaker in many international conferences and I want to thank him so much for his great sense of altruism and for working tirelessly just to give back our lives. This website is not to promote his medical services, but to promote awareness that there is cure for MS and other auto immune disorders. This particular neurologist is booked until July 2013 anyway. I wanted to translate testimonials of ex-patients that have treated with vitamin D and hopefully we can get more doctors around the world to join this cheap and simple solution.

4 months on – December 2012

This is my 4th month since I started the treatment, I have great news! I used to have some incontinence, usually I could hold my bladder for 30 minutes. I did a train trip of 3 hours and was able to hold just fine! I have to drink 2,5L of water as part of my diet, but I am able to hold for a few hours if needed. I no longer go to toilet every 30 minutes as before. The incontinence is totally gone!

8 months on – April 2013

My local neurologist insisted that I take Tysabri, a very aggressive drug to treat MS. I asked them to show the results of my treatment and they requested a MRI.

12 months one – August 2013

Great news! I have been back to Dr Cicero, he analysed my 8th month MRI and another one done at the 12th month before I went to Brazil. In both of them, a lesion had disappeared from my cervical spine! The images were compared to the first MRI at the diagnosis time.

I still have a very light tingling on hand and feet. My right leg is still weak, I don’t do much physiotherapy exercises as I should, perhaps that is why.

I am living a normal life, following a restrict diet with no milk or any sort of dairy, but feeling normal apart from my weaker leg. I walk normal, but it feels weak.

18 months on – February 2014

Many people write to me asking me how I feel. Sorry for the disappearance. I am living a normal life. Do not remember I have MS, but still have a weak leg. Dr Cicero has been in all sorts of media, TV, radio, online chat. His patients are the ones organizing all of these things, in order to make his protocol known. There are several materials about his protocol, all in Portuguese, which is a shame. That is why I have this blog, to try to get this protocol known around the world. Lots of Brazilian doctors are now following his protocol, all updated in my page.

I know Dr Cicero is booked out and does not see new patients, but hopefully your doctor contacts him and gets the information to follow this simple and apparently effective protocol in your country!

20 months on – April – 2014

The same situation here, but I have started doing physiotherapy again. This will be my third physiotherapist. Hope things improve with my weak leg.

There is a new video out from Dr Cicero, about his protocol, how he stated this over 10 years ago and the research involved in this treatment. Have a look, it has English subtitle!

24 months on – August 2014

Friends, I have great news!

My leg is getting stronger and stronger! I think this physiotherapist is pretty good and I suspect Vitamin D is making me stronger each day! I am also organizing a MRI to compare and check if any improvements happened, I am looking forward to seeing the images! (I hate the MRI though)

Many people ask what is the diet involved, what is the safe dosage of vitamin D. The protocol requires 2,5l of water (or other liquids) daily. Alcohol in a very very moderate fashion. Not much red meat, if possible, none. Lots of dark green leaves to keep the immune system strong. No dairy, no dairy products. Can we eat cake or biscuits? Yes, that is accepted. But no cheese cakes, no condensed milk or buttery things. No cream cheese, or any milk cream. No milk chocolate, although dark chocolate is alright. No alternative milks enriched with Calcium.

The safe dosage of vitamin d that DOES NOT require any diet, and makes a difference in your health is 10,000 IU. Why 10,000? Because that is the amount produced by the sun itself! A person with arms and legs exposed to the sun for 15 minutes will produce 10,000 IU.

Why do patients with autoimmune disorders need higher doses than 10,000IU?

As explained by Dr Cicero, we patients do not have the ability to retain the vitamin D that we get from food and the sun. All of the vitamin D we have in our body goes literally down the drain, which makes us weaker, and causes all sorts of autoimmune disorders. That is why we need a daily higher dose of vitamin D to be able to top up, knowing that part of it is going away from the system, but having so much still left that can adjust our system.

People with autoimmune disorders should be aware that this is a genetic predisposition. Which means, our children need to receive vitamin D, be it exposed to the sun or getting some additional vitamin D. My daughter takes 3,000 IU daily. She barely gets sick. Dr Cicero explained that children should take 1,000 IU for each 5KG, so my daughter, being under 20Kg, is taking 3,000 IU. Once she reaches 20Kg, she will upgrade to 4,000 IU.

My husband is taking 10,000 IU daily, recommended by Dr Cicero. He needs no diet at all. It is good and safe for him, as he does not have the opportunity to be exposed to the sun.

25 months on – September 2014

I just came back to celebrate these news with you. My leg is now 100% normal! It has been like that for 2 weeks now. I will never stop the physio exercises, I don’t know if I stop, perhaps the weakness comes back. I just want to keep my normal leg forever! My physio gave me harder exercises now, I think I am lucky with this physiotherapist, but I read that vit D also helps developing muscles.

And the second great news is that the MRI – imaging company – requested my previous MRI and made the comparison here in Australia. The verdict is that the lesions at the cervical spine have all reduced in size! I am hoping so much that they disappear completely next year! The lesions in the brain are the same in size but there is no increase or new lesion anywhere.

I am so happy with these news. In 2 weeks time I will be back to see Dr Cicero, he will also make his analysis. I can wait to be in this appointment.

I will be back in October now with news or earlier if I have the chance to write again after the appointment.

October – 2014

Hi Everyone, I have great news!  I have seen Dr Cicero in the end of September. He looked at the MRI comparison done in Australia to confirm that the lesions have been reduced in size! He did all the assessments to check my balance and coordination and I passed the test! He said I am discharged from his clinic. This means I no longer need to return every year to his clinic. This was my third and last appointment. I will have to continue taking 40,000 IU of Vitamin D, but I am no longer required to see him.

Although he mentioned that I could return 2 years later just to make sure everything is in order as expected, so this will be in 2016.

I think this is really great news, I only have reasons to celebrate. I had a great time in Brazil, where I visited my family and friends and I feel perfectly normal!

Hope other doctors around the world follow Dr Cicero’s protocol, so they can save a lot of other patients and give them a normal life.

Hope to be back with more news soon!

November 2014

I have just heard from a friend who lives in Italy, she mentioned that there are 2 new Italian doctors that have been trained by Dr Cicero, so they are following the protocol.  Have a look at the page with Doctors that follow the protocol.

By the way, here is the link from my friend, who translated many articles from Portuguese to Italian, as well as videos. If you speak Italian, here it is:

December 2014

Hi again, hope you all had a great Christmas. It has been a very busy period. And this is the period where the food with lots of dairy come up and represent a bit of a challenge.

Replacing dairy in the end of the year

It is not as difficult as one could think. Most of cakes can be prepared with water instead of milk.

Milk cream and condensed milk can be replaced by coconut cream or coconut milk.

Rice milk, soy milk, macadamia milk, oat milk, almond milk (if they do not have any added calcium) can replace milk. In Australia I only found almond milk and macadamia milk as options without any added calcium. Everything else seems to have the need to have calcium added, aargh…

Ice cream can be replaced by sorbet (made without milk) or Popsicle/icicles.

Anyway, I prepared lots of dessert with lots of dairy ingredients for my family, I could not eat them, but I am used not to, so it was fine really, as the most important is to be healthy, isn’t it? I rather do a diet than go to hospital to receive aggressive injections that will knock me down, and knock my system down.

I am very happy to take only vitamins to erase the MS lesions and have a normal life apart from the diet. It is not that difficult, it is a matter of getting used to it.

Wish you all a great and healthy 2015!

February 2015

Hi everyone, many people just ask how I am going, if I had any relapses or any symptoms taking so many units of vitamin D.So far I am still living a normal life, no relapses since I started the treatment in September 2012. I still have some numbness when the weather is too hot, but all tolerant and due to the hot weather in Australia.

Have a look at the videos page, I added a new one with more explanation from Dr Cicero, with English subtitles. In this occasion, he is at the House Chamber, explaining to House representatives how the vitamin D improves patients lives.  This is a 15min video.

For me, the most complete video explaining his protocol is the one from March 2014. If you have not seen it, reserve 1:30h to see it, it has all information about his treatment.

I have posted some new videos and some good news too, we have a Dr in Canada! Please go to page “Doctors who administrate higher doses of vitamin D” to check her details.

Talk to you soon :)

December 2015

Wow, it has been a whole year since I last updated my page. Sorry about that. The truth is, that I live a normal life. Only in the end of the year I remembered to monitor my condition to check the levels of calcium in the body. It is all normal as usual. When we stick to a no dairy diet, the results usually tend to be the same.

We had good news this year. More international doctors are following this protocol and now we have one in USA, one in Canada, one in Spain (last year we had new ones from Italy and Peru). It is slowly increasing the list of doctors willing to help patients have a life free from this condition.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016!

February 2016

Hello again, I have been enjoying a normal life, have answered to a lot of emails and recommended doctors that work with this protocol.

Dr Sanja in Canada sees patients via Skype appointment.

Now we also have a doctor in US, Florida, which is great (please see list on Doctors that work with the protocol).

And more people have been publish more information about Vitamin D and its benefits:

I have just heard from a colleague that there is a book out there from one of the patients from Dr Cicero Coimbra, available on Amazon, where she talks about her condition and her life change with vitamin D.

Here is her link:

April 2016

I would like to post a great link to a Facebook page in English, with testimonials from Dr Coimbra1s patients, who are using higher doses of Vitamin D. Here you can check information and clarify your doubts about the treatment: