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From Christina Kiening – Germany

I just came back from my latest neurologist appointment after 20 months on the Vitamin D highdose protocol. And got the “highest possible benediction”: NEDA4 without any noticeable disease activity or side-effects of treatment.

Prior to treatment my case was classified as highly aggressive and fast declining with all possible symptoms of escalation therapy: 2-3 new flairs each year, each one leaving more and more disability with new lesions in brain and spinal cord, new signs of brain atrophy (new black holes) could be found on each MRI since 2015. Therapy with Gylenia or Tysabri was highly recommended and plasmapheresis was suggested. I refused any pharmaceutical standard treatment out of fear for side-effects and too little proven longterm efficiency.

Since starting the protocol on 29th of march in 2016 I only had one minor flair in the beginning of June 2016, it resolved without corticoid or any other conventional treatment within three weeks leaving no new symptoms and only one new small (inactive) lesion could be found on the first control MRI in November 2016 (after 8 months on the protocol).
The MRI in 11/2016 showed no signs of disease activity, no contrast enhancement and only the above mentioned small new lesion which was already inactive.
Last week I had my next MRI after 20 months of treatment: No new lesions, no more brain atrophy, no activity and a great number of symptoms have vanished during the last year.
Being the first patient of the first officially trained and certified protocol doctor in Germany my bloodwork and urine samples were continuously monitored every three months without any noteworthy changes (of course there is a slight rise in calcium but still within the medium range of diagnostic reference levels as I stick to the recommended calcium reduced diet and minimum daily drinking volume of at least 2,5 l). Meanwhile three nephrosonography check-ups were performed (07/2016, 01/2017 and 1/2017) without any medical findings or changes.

My neurologist was very skeptical and afraid that I would seriously harm myself when I started treatment with Vitamin D and refused pharmaceutical escalation therapy in spring 2016.
Even when looking at my first control MRI in 2016 (with no disease activity for the first time in years) he still recommended Gylenia arguing that this outcome was “pure placebo”.
Today he was absolutely impressed when looking at my MRI, seeing me walk without any cane or help (and without swaying like a drunken sailor). He said he seldom sees NEDA4 in patients, even with Gylenia it is no more than 50-70% and at the price of severe side-effects. My neurologist agreed to monitor MS patients of protocol doctors Kai Reichert and Johannes Demuth without pressuring them for pharmaceutical treatment.
Maybe he will agree to get trained in the next few years…


From Leila Miranda (Coqueira/MG – Brazil)

In 2008, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. As the disease is remitting, everything as well at certain times of the year. I used to take steroids and the symptoms used to improve a little. But every year I had a crisis. And in that year the crisis did not improve with steroids. Crohn’s Disease had already infiltrated at the joints and all over the bowel region. The consistency of faecal mass caused pain and anal bleeding continued in addition to exaggerated formation of intestinal gases and other anorectal pathologies such as fissures and haemorrhoids. With all these symptoms, the only treatment left was with adalimumab. But when I read all the side effects, I was reluctant. I prayed and asked God to show me another treatment. I was enlightened and God showed me the solution for the intense pain that I had been feeling. As soon as I got out of the church, I searched on Google for treatments to relieve the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease. And I found the Brazilian blog on Vitamin D. I called immediately Dr. Julio Caleiro Pimenta to arrange an appointment. And he was the one who explained to me what the treatment with vitamin D3 was. After 15 days of treatment all symptoms above mentioned were gone. I am very happy to have been blessed with vitamin D3. I don’t even remember that I have Crohn’s Disease. I want to encourage everyone with this disease to contact  Dr. Julio and begin this treatment of the immune system.

Fernando Campos (Brasília/DF/Brazil )

I had the first and more acute MS relapse between September and November/2008, when I received a first diagnosis. The symptoms: diplopia (double vision), fatigue, numbness in the legs. 6 months later after a second weaker relapse, I had the diagnosis confirmed by a neurologist in Brasilia. In fact, today, after knowing more about this illness and its symptoms, I understand that I had it at least since 2003. I was to begin receiving doses of interferon from the government when my brother, disillusioned with the expectations offered by allopathic medicine, researched on the internet and found the group Multiple Sclerosis Has solution, in Orkut. He contacted the group’s founder and was strongly encouraged to make an appointment for me with Dr. Cicero. I had my first appointment on 26 /12/2008 , before taking any dose of interferon. Then I decided to try this new treatment, because the other alternative – the interferon injections every other day, would only slow the progression of the illness – which did not not seem to be motivating. It was the best decision of my life. In this first consultation Dr. Cicero alerted me to the possibility of occurrence of some relapses during the “window” of the treatment, in about seven months. In fact, six months after I had another relapse, characterized by loss of muscle strength in the arms. I made new MRI, which identified plates in activity, and I was to undertake a new treatment with Solumedrol. Since then, I never had another relapse and my physical condition is improving gradually. It is important to remember that, sometimes, sequelae resulting from any relapse may not be fully reversed by this treatment. What it assures, absolutely and unquestionably, is the non-occurrence of new relapses, i.e. it stops the progression of the disease. In some cases, with sequels reversed. In my case, the numbness in the legs – sequel of that first relapse that happened when I did some unusual physical effort, such as a walk longer- now occur only rarely, and after a much greater effort, as hiking at least an hour or more. I still have fatigue often. I have tried all the allopathic treatments for it, but my own neurologist at the time, in Brasilia, alerted me to the fact that these traditional treatments only were effective in 50% of the cases of fatigue due to MS. In fact, I still do not have the same physical condition as before the illness, even though I feel significant progress of my physical condition. But I am not able to resume daily activities like before, 8 to 12 hours of work and studies – or close to it. In any case, I am well satisfied with this vitamin D treatment. The fact that it does not cause side effects; its natural character, only vitamin and diets that are easy to be adopted; a change of life style in order to avoid stress – a cause of exacerbations of the disease – all these things improve the quality of life. In addition to that the change of perspective of the disease: before, its irreversible progression, only delayed; now, its extinction, and the body stabilized forever and recovering gradually, in some cases even fully recovering. And simply with daily supplementation of vitamin D (in dosages individually established), and complex vitamin based on vitamin B2 and Omega 3. I am grateful to Dr. Cicero for his determination to fight for change in the approach of MS and auto-immune disorders, and for following researches that develop in the entire world and for informing patients about scientific sites such as scirus.com. His approach, in my view, is that of a real doctor, interested not only in the treatments, but on the quality of life of their patients. And that is what this treatment offers – effective response with quality of life. And hope.

Ana Luisa Garcia (SP/Brazil)

I have MS for 10 years, 9 years diagnosed; Itook Avonex, Betaferon, Copaxone. Without any improvements and only getting worse. Apart from the terrible side effects which is worse than the disease itself; and still knowing that the effectiveness of interferon is only of 30 %. Those were 7 years of life in the dark, trying those treatments because I had no other option and would not give up my life. But two years ago I have been blessed, blessed. I met Dr. Cicero Galli Coimbra, and started the treatment with Vitamin D; anyone who has already gone through similar situation will understand my testimonial. I am simply doing great. I am not better because unfortunately, I had not started this treatment before and my motor function is compromised; but I am alive, the greatest gift that we can have. Vitamin D has changed my life and I really would like that all people have access to this information as fast as possible to benefit from it and avoid having any permanent sequelae. I really wish that this treatment is widespread and that people have the opportunity to choose, to know this painless treatment. Of course you need medical follow-up. But everyone has  the right to try and have their well-being back.

Sylvia Novaes

My sister is on Vitamin D treatment for 2 months and she is now in remission of MS sequelae. Her fatigue no longer exists, her vision has already returned to normal, the cramps in arms and legs are over, she is able to have again, after 5 years of struggle, a quality in life! To complement: her numbness reduced in the second month and her way of walking is stronger, safe and faster.  She is back to wearing her high heels shoes! She is really happy!

Carlos Lazzaris

I write with tears in their eyes, but they are tears of happiness. My wife has Multiple Sclerosis since 2002. She took all possible interferons, and for 3 years she treated with tysabri.A disease evolution continued and our expectations were not the best ones. OUR LIFE CHANGED, our hearts are full of LOVE AND HOPE, our ENERGY is renowed. Our FUTURE will be wonderful. My wife and even I are doing the treatment with the vitamin D.

Alexandre Sandoval

I am here to describe a little of my history of Multiple Sclerosis. The pathology was diagnosed in 2000, and since then I have been taking intense medication – interferon beta 1A and beta 1B, with some remissive relapses that started increasing their frequency in the last 5 years and were treated with cortisone, ciclososfamida. The medication caused a lot of allergy on sites of application, and my whole body had dark spots (black) that were in progression, diagnosed by the Center for Dermatology, Hospital das Clinicas do Espirito Santo/ES/Brazil as side effect from the medication taken 3 times per week. With the increase of  the number of relapses consequently more sequels occurred and worsened my quality of life, with an increase of physical limitations. A year ago I began the vitamin D treatment and since then I stopped the medication. I report below the improvements that have occurred since then: elimination of the number of relapses has reduced from 3 to 4 per year to none. When I had my first appointment I was in a wheelchair and had advanced weakness and imbalance. Today I no longer need this type of support, i.e. the improvement was about 99% on my quality of life.

Eloisa Helena Lopes Borges (Nova Friburgo/RJ/Brazil)

I am 55 years old and I was diagnosed with MS six years ago. I have taken avonex and during a year I took copaxone. I am treating with vitamin D with dr. Rita Maltez in Niteroi who works similarly to Dr Cicero. Since I started taking the vitamin I have not been taking any other medicine since 17 /01/11 and I am not doing pulse therapy since 12 /12/10 and never had any other relapse. I am sure it is due to the treatment which is not expensive and is totally painless.

Ivana Cavalcanti Feliciano (Recife/PE/Brazil)

I found out about my MS in February 2011 at 23 years of age, when I had my first motor function problem on the left-hand side, numbness and tingling sensation. I had pulse therapy with some improvement of symptoms and started the treatment with copaxone. In April I had a new relapse with constant numbness in other parts of the body. In addition to these symptoms, I felt a lot of fatigue, weakness and many side effects of copaxone, waking up often with the heart accelerated, shaking hands, apart from the marks of injections in the body. Also in April I found out the treatment with vitamins in an Orkut group at the internet and I went to Sao Paulo for an appointment with dr. Cicero. In the first month of treatment the fatigue and weakness disappeared. In July, I stopped taking copaxone and in October, with 6 months of treatment my MRI without contrast had shown a small reduction of lesions at the spinal cord injury. Since then the numbness and tingling disappeared. Today I have a normal life, I work, and I attend classic ballet classes. I only I remember that I have MS when it is time to take the vitamins!

Ana Wauneka

I was diagnosed with MS in 2008 and a few months after I started my treatment with Vitamin D. Since then, my MS went into total remission, with the MRI results indicating, year after year, a complete inactivity of the load of lesions, including the decrease in number and even size of the existing lesions. Before taking vitamin D I was taking copaxone, and had many symptoms, such as tingling, numbness, and a huge fatigue. Copaxone also caused high blood pressure and palpitations. With the vitamin D, the fatigue disappeared quickly and the rest of the symptoms followed the same path in a matter of months. Today, with nearly 4 years of treatment and 2 years after having abandoned copaxone, I have a normal life. For those with MS or any other auto-immune, as psoriasis, lupus, vitiligo, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes type 1 and so many others, I can only say that I totally recommend this treatment!

Yara Ribeiro

My diagnosis was confirmed in January 2011, but I already had symptoms since adolescence. Time after time, I was accumulating sequelae such as very strong bilateral tinnitus, vertigo and frequent nausea. After an outbreak of optic neuritis. I had motor function problems on the left side of the body, and, even after pulse therapy, I have not returned to normal. I spent some months in bed, unable to move arm and left leg and showing great vertigo. I saw Dr. Cicero in those condition. Approximately seven months after starting the treatment, I was already walking seven kilometers every day (which I hadn’t done in many years!), without any dizziness or motor sequel. Today I have a life absolutely normal, my health as a whole has improved, and from the time of treatment, I no longer caught any flu or cold, something that before was very normal to happen. Today I feel I am ex-patient of MS.

Simone Cristina (Rio de Janeiro/RJ/Brazil)

I have been on Vitamin D treatment for 3 years and in the beginning I followed two treatments in parallel. when I realized the improvements and the tests were showing positive improvements, I took courage and stopped with Interferons, which were a burden. Thank God I have my normal life after the vitamins and I never had any other relapse. And there are also other people to whom I recommended the treatment and that are living with quality of life. Definitely worth it!!!!!

Tania Marin

I have psoriatic arthritis, and diabetes …due to so much pain, my endocrinologist had a suspicion and asked me to check the levels of vitamin D. Laboratory tests confirmed that vitamin D was almost non-existent in the body. I have had a positive improvement in the process of pain and the psoriasis has been reducing. I have all my tests in archives, just to prove the reality of facts.

Mauro Vargas

I started the treatment with the vitamin D in December 2011. I had pain in the right arm and on the right side of the head. I felt this pain about 4 times a day and during sleep at night, also when I went to toilet a couple times per night. This pain lasted 01 year and 10 months, I felt it daily and it used to last half an hour. I spoke with my neurologist about it and he told me that I was not to drink water after 6pm. Of course, even without taking water, I kept going to the toilet at night and I was still feeling the pain. Vitamin D was the one that did make the  headaches disappear. Thank you very much for the opportunity to share this experience. Cheers and good luck with the treatment.

Alcina Dutra Loureiro Novaes

I do this treatment since March/2012 with this doctor and I recommend the treatment to everyone, because I started living again !!!

Antonio of Padua – Campinas/SP/Brazil

I started suffering from Parkinson’s Disease 6 years ago. After treating with Dr Coimbra, I already feel better, with the reduction of symptoms.

Neuza B.

My son has started the treatment 2 years ago and no longer has any symptom, his life is completely normal. Believe me!