Doctors that follow the Vitamin D Protocol

Doctors – Contact details

Here you can find some of the doctors that already carry out this treatment in Brazil. You can send us a new contact of a doctor that is not included in the list for our update, if the doctor is following Dr Cicero Coimbra’s protocol.



Dr. Eduardo Daniel Frischling
Expertise: General Practitioner / Rheumatology
City: Buenos Aires – Argentina
Address: Azcuénaga 1077 1°A – Phone: (+5411)-4822-8883


Dr. Facundo Adrián Bitsch
Expertise: Natural Medical Practice
City: Buenos Aires – Argentina
Address: Jeronimo Salguero 652 – Phone: (+5411) 15 3247 9037



Dr. Sanja Tamburic ND
Expertise: Integrative/Functional/Preventative/Medicine
City: Vancouver – Canada
Address: 1308 W 8th Av, British Columbia, V6H 4A6 – Phone: 604 710 0635


Dr. Fedor Mataic
City: Oslo – Norway
Address: Ulica Šime Ljubića 27 – 21000 Split, Hrvatska – Phone: + 385 21 389 773
Email: / [email protected] / Website:

Dr. Michael Cawley
Expertise: Neurology
City: Dublin – IrelandPhone: ++353 +894208470
Address: Apt.7 Carleton House, Brennanstown Square – Cabinteely


Dr. Paolo Giordo
Expertise: Neurology
City: Grosseto – ItalyPhone: 348/3742090
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Francesca Michelucci
Pisa, Ospedale Cisanello, via Paradisa 2, Edificio 29, piano 1 ambulatorio 106

Dr. Gianni Galli
Address:  VIA SAMACCHINI 5, Bologna – ItalyCell phone: 3270524089 (call from 15 pm to 16 pm)


Dr. Massimo Vincenti
Expertise: Nephrology / Surgeon
Phone: 335.83.35.256

Dr. M.Sabina Bitti
City: Sassari – Italy
Address: Via Quarto, 14 – 07100 – Phone: 3476225683


Dr. Vittoria Sanna
City: Sassari – Italy
Address: Via Rizzeddu, 17 – 07100 – Phone: 3382177910
Email: [email protected]


Dr. Miguel Alberto Damas
Dr. Filomena Vieira
Expertise: Neurology
City: Porto – Portugal
Address: Rua Alexandre Herculano,  371, 3o Andar, 4000-055 – Porto – Phone: 22 208 19 82
BolognaDr. M.D. José Pereira da Silva
Expertise: Neurology
City: Lisbon – Portugal
Address: Rua Virgílio Correia nº 15 C – 1600-219 – Lisbon – Phone: 00351 218052092
Email:  – Website:



Dr. Daniel Dorobantu

Expertise: Neurology
City: Bucharest – Romenia



Dr. Francisco Calvo Riera
Clinica de Enfermedades Autoinmunes y Crónicas
Address: c/ Alcazar de Toledo, 4, 6A
24001 León


Dr. Suzana Tanimoto, MD
77  8th Street South
Naples, 34102, FL

Dr. Cícero Galli Coimbra (English Language)
Expertise: Neurology
City: São Paulo/SP – Brazil
Address: Rua Diogo de Faria, 775 conj. 94 – Phone: (+5511) 5908-5969

Dr Cicero’s Team in Brazil (Portuguese language only):

Dr. Danilo Chiaradia Finamor
Expertise: Dermatology
City: São Paulo/SP – Brazil
– Rua Nuporanga, 77 – Phone: (11) 5082-1013
– Rua Diogo de Faria, 775 conj. 94 – Phone: (+5511) 5908-5969

Dr. Sergio Menendez Lucero
Expertise: General Practitioner
City: São Paulo/SP – Brazil
Address: Rua Diogo de Faria, 775, conj. 94 – Phone: (+5511) 5908-5969

Dra. Haládia Simião
Expertise: Endocrinologist / General Practitioner
City: São Paulo/SP – Brazil
Address: Rua Diogo de Faria, 775, conj. 94 – Phone: (+5511) 5908-5969

Dr. Walter Feldman
Expertise: General Practitioner
City: São Paulo/SP – Brazil
Address: Rua Diogo de Faria, 775, conj. 94 – Phone: (+5511) 5908-5969

Dra. Sueli Lourenço
Expertise: General Practitioner
City: São Paulo/SP
Address: Rua Diogo de Faria, 775, conj. 94 – Phone: (+5511) 5908-5969

Brazilian Doctors that attended an internship provided by Dr. Cícero Coimbra and are treating patients with higher doses of Vitamina D:

Dr. Wanderley Ribeiro Pires
Expertise: General Practitioner
City: Campinas/SP – Brazil
Endereço: Av. Dr. Heitor Penteado, 1532 – Taquaral – Phone: (+5519) 3254-2714

Dra. Maira Elise Jann
Expertise: General Practitioner
City: Vale Real/RS – Brazil
Address: Rua Emancipacao 505 sala 101 – Phone: (+5551) 99862-4860

Dr. André Costa Lage
Expertise: General Practitioner
City: Vespasiano/MG (20 km from Belo Horizonte city) / Brazil Phone: (+5531) 3621-3110

Dr. Claudio Aquino
Expertise: Orthomolecular and Chinese Medicine
City Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brazil
Address: Rua Rita Ludolf 33-102 – Leblon
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Carlos Bayma
Expertise: Urology / Preventive Medicine
City: Recife/PE – Brazil
Address: Rua Francisco Alves, 326 – Ilha do Leite – Recife/PE – Phone: (+5581) 3221-0523 / (81) 9894-0194 (Mrs. Daniele)

Dr. Antônio Tadeu Costa Martins
City: Porto Alegre (RS) – Brazil
Address: Rua Dr. Florêncio Ygartva, 429 – Rio Branco – Phone: (+5551) 3333-1528
Facebook: Empresa Mesoclinica

Dra. Monica B. L. Barros

City: Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brazil
Address: Av. das Américas, 500 – Bloco 21/sala 257 portaria B – Shopping Downtown – Barra da Tijuca – Phone: (021) 98719-8194

Dr. João Paul

City: Curitiba e Londrina (PR) – Brazil
– Rua Otávio Ganz, 59 – Parque Barigui – Curitiba
– Rua Higienópolis, 210 – Cj. 1701 – Centro – Londrina  Phone/Fax: (+5543) 3326-7548
Dra. Miriam Zebian El Kadri
City: Londrina (PR)/ Brazil
Address: Avenida Bandeirantes, 402, Ipiranga – Phone: (+5543) 3326-8366
Dr. Israel Cirlinas
Expertise: Neurology
City: Mauá (SP) / Brazil
Address: Rua Princesa Isabel, 152
Phone: (+5511) 4541-4275

Dr. Jonas Moura de Araújo
Orthomolecular Medicine
Teresina (PI) / Brazil
: Av. Homero Castelo Branco, 1418 – Jóquei ClubePhone: (+5586) 3233 5475 / (+5586) 9925 2253

Dra. Jacqueline Tosta Rezende
Expertise: Ophtalmology
City: Goiânia (GO) / Brazil
Address: Centro de Diagnóstico Clínico – Avenida D, n.º 840, salas 403 / 404 St. Oeste (próximo ao Extra) – Phone: (+5562) 3565- 1345

Dr. Ricardo Toledo
Expertise:General Practitioner
City: Blumenau (SC) / Brazil – Phone: (+5547) 9672-9177

Brazilian Medical Professionals that had access to Dr Dr Cícero Coimbra’s protocol but did not meet him personally.
Dr. Sílvio Laganá
Expertise: Nutrition
City: São Paulo/SP – Brazil
Address: Rua Francisco Leitão, 210 Phone: (+5511) 3088-3711
Dra. Kássia Callak
Expertise: Clínica Geral com foco em Medicina Funcional
City: Teresópolis (RJ) / Brazil
Address: Av. Lucio Meira, 100, sala 704, Várzea – Phone: (+5521) 3097-2350 / (+5521) 6929-6869

Other medical professionals that have no direct relation to Dr Cícero Coimbra’s protocol but work with vitamin D to treat auto immune diseases:

Dr. Francisco Eristow Nogueira
City: Fortaleza/CE
Phone: (+5585) 3252-2348 ou (85) 9959-9783

Are there other doctors following this treatment where I live?

Unfortunately there are still very few doctors who are already performing this treatment. The medical community has some reluctance in accepting it, either by lack of information or by following persuasive marketing articles (in form of medical articles) managed by pharmaceutical industries as well as impressive promotional material created by these companies in order to sell more MS immunosuppressors which are effective in avoiding new lesions but not really erasing the lesions like the Vitamin D does.

If you live abroad, or there is no doctor in your Brazilian city, consider the possibility of travelling to have this effective treatment available. If this is not possible, you will need a little more patience until new doctors committ to implement the protocol. To perform the treatment with higher doses of vitamin D (higher than 10,000 UI) which is necessary for a more effective result, it is essential to have a follow-up by a prepared doctor.