MS Cure

It is confirmed that Vitamin D Effectively Clears all lesions and erases many of the sequels from autoimmune disorders such as MS, Lupus, Vitiligo, Fibromyalgia,Alzheimer, Autism, Chron’s, Guillain-Barre, Hashimoto, Parkinson, Arthritis, Psoriasis, and  many others. Currently many patients have a normal level of quality of life after treating with D3 vitamin.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: this site is maintained by patients enthusiasts of the Vitamin D treatment, and not by Dr. Cicero Coimbra nor by any team of doctors. The intention is to maintain a flow of information in this space to be available to everyone. The treatment with high doses of vitamin D (doses higher than those produced by sun exposure) must be performed necessarily under medical direction. YOU SHOULD NOT perform this treatment on your own account as there are a series of parameters that must be evaluated to calculate the dose for each individual, in addition to ensuring that there is no possibility of side effects.

Vitamin D – Not a Vitamin but a Pre-Hormone

The “vitamin D” (or “cholecalciferol”) is, in fact, currently considered a pre-hormone in scientific means (because it is processed into various cells of the human body in hormone calcitriol – a hormone that is potentially capable of modifying 229 biological functions in the human body. –  The oral use of cholecalciferol treatment ( realistic doses, which are close to those obtained through abundant sunlight exposure) has low cost and high effectiveness; it is shown capable of maintaining the patients without the physical, psychological and social impairments related to auto immune disorders, besides promoting complete regression of recent sequelae or relapses, as well as boosting patient’s well-being and self-confidence. In other words, vitamin D erases lesions and the whole history of auto immune disorder from the body.

2 months ago I started treating MS with Vitamin D. Have a look at the blogger’s treatment for an update of my improvements. Check other testimonials of patients that have successfully been cured and if you have MS or any other auto immune disorder get your doctor to check your vitamin D levels. It is the key to the cure. Check and ask your doctor to check website with the latest scientific research on vitamin D. All evidences are found there.

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